Edition 2017 : 13-14th December

Wednesday, December 13th – Morning session

08h50-09h00 : Welcome introduction :  Patrick Berche, General Director, Institut Pasteur de Lille


Moderators: David Dombrowicz (IPL, France) and Folkert Kuipers (UMCG, The Netherlands)


09h00-09h45 : Introduction lecture : James Kirkland, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, USA

" Targeting Senescent Cells: The Path to Translation"



09h45-10h15Mieke Boots, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

“Ageing of innate immunity in health and in vasculitic diseases”


10h15-10h45 Coffee break

Moderators: Jean Dubuisson and David Tulasne (IPL, France)


10h45-11h20Olga Britanova : Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

"Adaptive immunity aging and TCR repertoires"

11h20-11h55Michael Sieweke : CIML, Marseille, France

“Age dependent self-renewal mechanisms in macrophages”

11h55-12h30Serge Adnot :  Créteil, France

“Lung cell senescence: at the crossroad of lung diseases and cancer”


12h30-13h45 Lunch Break - Posters viewing

Moderators: Amélie Bonnefond and Benoit Déprez (IPL, France) 


“Immunity and neurodegenerative diseases”

13h45-14h20Jean-Charles Lambert : Inserm 1167, Institut Pasteur de Lille, France

“GWAS, Post-GWAS and neuro-inflammation: what can we learn for Alzheimer's disease?”

14h20-14h55Kingstin Mills : Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

"The protective and pathogenic function of T cells in neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration"

14h55-15h30Guillaume Dorothée : Inserm UMRS 938, Hopital Saint Antoine, Paris

“Cellular adaptive immunity as a new target for innovative immunotherapy strategies in neurodegeneration ?”


15h30-16h00 Coffee break

Moderators: François Trottein and Isabelle Wolowczuk (IPL, France)


16h00-16h35Thibauld Lebouvier : Memory Centre of Lille University Hospital, Lille, France

"Clinical trials in Alzheimer's disease: a 2017 update"

“Microbiota and ageing”

16h35-17h10Elena Biagi : University of Bologna, Italy

“Gut microbiota in healthy ageing and longevity”

17h10-17h35Wouter A.A. de Steenhuijsen Piters: University Medical Centre Utrecht, The Netherlands

“Age-related changes in the respiratory microbiota in relation to respiratory health and disease”


18h00-19h30 Cocktail - Posters viewing

Thursday, December 14th

Moderators: Corinne Abbadie and Amar Abderrahmani (IPL, France)


 “Inflammation and ageing”

08h30-09h05Andrea Cossarizza, University of Modena, Italy

“Ageing of the immune system in the era of omics”

09h05-09h40Masashi Narita,  University of Cambridge, UK 

“Cell-cell communication in senescence"

09h40-10h15Bart Staels, University of Lille, Institut Pasteur de Lille, France

“PPARs, inflammation and ageing”


10h15-10h45 Coffee break - Posters viewing

Moderators: Miria Ricchetti (IP Paris, France) and Miroslav Radman (Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences, Split, Croatia)


“Prevention and therapy of age-related diseases”

10h45-11h20Hartmut Geiger, University of Ulm, Germany

“Mechanisms of aging and rejuvenation of stem cells”

11h20-11h55Arne Akbar, University College of London, UK

“Strategies for immune enhancement during ageing"

11h55-12h30Joao Pedro de Magalhaes,  University of Liverpool, UK

“Linking ageing and age-related diseases: genes, pathways and prospects for extending human healthspan”


12h30-14h00 Lunch Break – Posters viewing

Moderators: Nathalie Mielcarek and Jean-Claude Sirard (IPL, France)


14h00-14h35Giuseppe del Giudice, Siena, GSK:

“Towards better vaccines for healthy ageing”

14h35-15h10Magdalena Plebanski, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

"Non-targeted immunological effects of influenza or DTP vaccination in the elderly"

15h10-15h45Camille Locht, Lille, France

"Live attenuated vaccines as anti-inflammatory agents”

15h45-16h30 : Keynote lecture : John Beard, Ageing and Life Course Department, World Health Organization

"Research implications of the WHO Healthy Ageing model"

16h30-16h40 Concluding remarks by Patrick Berche, General Director, Institut Pasteur de Lille