Wednesday 11th of December


08:30-09:30: registration + welcome coffee

09:30-09:40: Welcome introduction by Benoit Deprez, Scientifi director of Institut Pasteur de Lille


Inflammation and immunity: at the crossroad of ageing pathway

09:40-10:30: Keynote lectureDavid Dombrowicz (UMR1011, Institut Pasteur de Lille, France)

“Metabolic and Innate Immune Cues Merge into a Specific Inflammatory Response via the UPR”


10:30-10:45: Olivier Pluquet (UMR8161, Institut Pasteur de Lille, France)

 "The Activating Transcription Factor 6α (ATF6α) signaling of the UPR controls features of the senescent phenotype in human fibroblasts"


10:45-11:15: coffee break


11:15-11:45:  Bernard Thorens (Switzerland)

"Defence against hypoglycemia through brain neuronal circuits"

11:45 -12:00: Clément Crochemore (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France)

"A defective pathway in progeroid Cockayne syndrome reveals a novel and early determinant of replicative senescence in normal cells"


12:00 - 12:15: Alicia Mayeuf Louchart (UMR1011, Institut Pasteur Lille, France)

"Glycogen dynamics drives lipid droplet biogenesis during brown adipocyte differentiation"


12:15-14:00:  Lunch + poster viewing


14:00-14:30: Jean-Pierre Hugot (AP-HP, Paris, France)

"Is Crohn disease the price to pay today for having survived to the black death?”

14:30-14:45: Emmanuelle Born (U955, Hopital Henri Mondor, Ap-HP, Créteil, France)

"Senescent cells protect against pulmonary hypertension development in mice"


14:45 - 15:00: Erwan Lambert (U1167, Institut Pasteur de Lille, France)

"Characterization of the neurotoxicity in the Alzheimer Disease risk factor BIN1 in drosophila"



15:00- 15:30: coffee break


15:30 – 16:00: Victor Appay (Sorbonne, Salpetriere, Paris)

"Aging of lymphocytes through time and differentiation"


16:00 – 16:15 : Dimitra Gkika (Inserm U1003, University Lille)

"Hormonal changes : the TRP channel pathways"

16:30-17:30: poster viewing 


17:30-18:30: cocktail with all attendees




Thursday, 12th of December




09:00-09:30: Frank Lafont (CIIL, Institut Pasteur de Lille, France)

“Autophagy-mediated mechanisms and membrane biophysics during host-pathogen interactions”


09:30- 10:00Franck Oury (Necker Hospital, Paris, France )

“Role of autophagy in mediating the effects of systemic factors on cognitive fitness and brain plasticity”


10:00-10:15Suchira Gallage (Univ. Heidelberg, Germany)

"Platelet GPlbα is a mediator interventional target for NASH and subsequent liver cancer"


10:15-10:40: coffee break


Cell autonomous and cell non-autonomous homeostasis


10:40-11:10: Felipe Cabral (Univ of Chile)

"XBP1s is a modulator of mammalian health span"


11:10-11:40: Mario Pende (Paris, Descartes University, France)

“Control of growth and senescence by nutrient sensing and the mTOR/S6 kinase pathway”


11:40-12:10: Miroslav Radman (MedILS, Split, Croatia)

"Molecular and cellular aspects of aging and age-related diseases"


12:10-13:30:  Lunch + poster viewing


Therapeutic strategies against ageing-related diseases


13:30-14:00: Robert Walczak (Genfit, Lille, France)

"The development of Elafibranor for the treatment of NASH, and NIS4 an IVD to identify NASH patients for treatment and track disease evolution"


14:00-14:30: Mathias Heikenwälder (Univ. Heidelberg, Germany)

“On the role of innate and adaptive immune cells in NASH and liver cancer development”

14:30-15:00: Gavin Richardson (Univ. Newcastle, UK)

“Pharmacological clearance of senescent cells improves survival and recovery in aged mice following acute myocardial infarction”


15:00: concluding remarks by Benoit Deprez